Kodak Professional Pushes Boundaries of Available-Light Shooting;

New Version of DCS 620 Digital Camera Performs at up to ISO 6400

Kodak Professional DCS 620x Digital Camera Also Delivers Improved Image Quality

ROCHESTER, N.Y., May 15 Digital photographers who shoot in changing and low-light situations can now reap the benefits of extremely high ISO settings with the new Kodak Professional DCS 620x digital camera. A version of the workhorse DCS 620 model, this new camera features ISO settings ranging from 400 to 6400. The new model also provides improved image quality, which enables photographers to push the boundaries of digital imaging to even greater limits.

"Photojournalists and other professionals have already come to rely heavily on our DCS 620 camera," said Peter Jameson, Director, Digital Capture, Kodak Professional. "This enhanced version of the camera will make it even more invaluable for photographers who are challenged to shoot fast action or in low-light conditions, including sports/action, medical and scientific imaging, government, military and law enforcement. The DCS 620x camera offers improved flexibility and expandability along with increased quality – a truly winning equation."

Key to the DCS 620x digital camera are a new CCD (charge couple device), color filter array (CFA) pattern, and low-noise electronics. The new CFA on Kodak’s 2-megapixel ITO (indium tin oxide) CCD provides enhanced spectral response, producing high picture quality at extremely high ISO ranges.

Like the DCS 620 camera, the DCS 620x is built on the Nikon F5 platform and retains all the durability, functionality and lens compatibility of that single-lens-reflex camera.

The Kodak Professional DCS 620x camera provides a host of features that ensure superior image quality and higher color saturation. In addition to a new software noise reduction filter, the DCS 620x offers Kodak’s "Picture Protection" – a range of features that includes post-shot exposure compensation, white balance corrections and file recovery.

Plus, photographers can customize the DCS 620x with such options as removable anti-aliasing and IR blocking filters, IPTC captioning, white balance uploading, direct cellular phone transmission, and a wide choice of storage options.


Innovative Features

  • 2-megapixel (1736 x 1160) 13um, ITO, CCD sensor.
  • Flexible ISO of 400 – 6400 (calibrated from ISO 400-4000).
  • Serial port for GPS receivers and direct cellular telephone connectivity.
  • Burst rate of 3.5 frames per second, and a sustained burst depth of 12 images.
  • Patented on-board histogram lets photographers verify exposure accuracy on the spot.
  • Cast magnesium alloy body ensures high durability, while its light weight makes it ideal for field use.
  • Calibrated color response and the TTL auto color balance option ensure that the camera adjusts image color to match the light source.
  • 36-bit color (12 bits per channel) for capturing color and detail in shadows and highlights.
  • Intervalometer to enable automated capture over timed intervals for remote applications.
  • Open Application Programmer Interface (API) lets third-party developers write their own custom software applications.
  • Color liquid crystal display (LCD) provides instant review of images.
  • IEEE 1394 interface provides fast and reliable transfer of images.
  • Voice annotation provides audio notebook to document specific shots.
  • Dual PC card storage interface offers storage flexibility.
  • Delivers 6MB finished files in 24 bit RGB.
  • Onboard JPEG compression with three levels of resolution.
  • Removable batteries for easy transport and recharge.
  • New NiMH batteries for extended battery life.
  • Improved version 5.9.1 Adobe PhotoShop Plug in / TWAIN acquire software tools.

The new camera follows closely on the introduction of the latest DCS series firmware and software upgrades that include enabling dual memory card slots, GPS data recording and laptop-free image transmission via cellular phones.

The Kodak Professional DCS 620x digital camera carries a suggested U.S. list price of $10,495. It will be available starting June 1 from authorized dealers of Kodak Professional DCS digital cameras.

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