Kodak Professional DCS 620x Digital Camera

How does the DCS 620x differ from the DCS 620 digital camera?
The DCS 620x has all the functionality of the DCS 620, but also incorporates a new CCD (charge couple device), color filter array (CFA) pattern, and low-noise electronics. As a result, the DCS 620x features ISO settings ranging from 400 to 6400. The new CFA on Kodak’s 2-megapixel indium tin oxide CCD delivers enhanced spectral response for high-quality images at extremely high ISO ranges and with greater color saturation.

Who will benefit most from the DCS 620x?
Photojournalists, especially those shooting sports and action; photographers in the medical, scientific imaging, government, military and law enforcement fields; and others who have to capture digital images in low-light or changing lighting conditions.

What other features does the DCS 620x offer?
The DCS 620x has a range of features that ensure superior image quality and higher color saturation. In addition to a new software noise reduction filter, the DCS 620x offers "Picture Protection" – a menu of features that includes post-shot exposure compensation, white balance corrections and file recovery. Photographers can customize the camera with such options as removable anti-aliasing and IR blocking filters, IPTC captioning, white balance uploading, direct cellular phone transmission, and a wide choice of storage options.

Does the new camera replace the DCS 620?
No, there is a market for both. The DCS 620, as well as the DCS 520, remain in Kodak’s award-winning line of professional digital cameras.

Given the advances in the DCS 620x, why would anyone want to buy a DCS 620?
The DCS 620 is an excellent camera in its own right, offering high performance with an ISO range of 200-1600. For photographers who don’t need extended low-light capabilities, the DCS 620 provides all the features of the DCS 620x at a reduced price.

You say the DCS 620x has an ISO of up to 6400, but is calibrated only to ISO 4000. What does that mean exactly?
The DCS 620x camera is optimized, calibrated and tested for operation from ISO 400 to ISO 4000. Comments from early users suggested that, for low-light photography at very high ISO, the trade-off of quality for speed is acceptable. So the camera can be operated at up to ISO 6400, but image quality and color may not be suitable for some applications.

Why is the lowest ISO setting 400 when other cameras offer lower settings?
The DCS 620x is designed specifically for photographers who shoot - especially action - in low light, and a 400 ISO is the minimum setting for that situation.

Are there any plans to market a DCS 520x?
Kodak currently has no plans to create a Canon EOS-mount version of a high ISO digital camera, although that determination could change.

What, if anything, does this say about your relationship with Canon?
Our relationship with Canon, as well as with Nikon, is a good one and evolves over time. Regarding the 620x, there are several valid business and technical reasons for introducing this new low-light capability on a Nikon platform at this time.

What is the suggested price of the DCS 620x?
In the U.S., the suggested list price for the DCS 620x is $10,495. Please contact a local authorized dealer of Kodak Professional DCS cameras for detailed pricing information.

Are you resetting the price on the DCS 620?
Yes. Effective May 15, the suggested U.S. list price of the DCS 620 is $8,995.

When will the 620x be available?
The DCS 620x will be available from Kodak Professional dealers on June 1.

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